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May 2018, Issue 31

MultiTech Receives 2018 Technology Award from Corporate Vision Magazine    

Recognized as Best Data Communication Technology Company

The Technology Innovator Awards recognize talented individuals, teams and firms that provide some of the best, and most innovative, products and services in the industry. With the constant and rapid growth of the technology market, the demands on firms to be innovative in order to adapt and survive, are high. The award platform ensures that technology companies at the forefront of innovation that meet the needs of the consumer and stand ahead of the competition are brought to the forefront and recognized for their efforts.

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Connecting behind-the-meter assets: Enabling new energy services 

Advances in communication technology and the cost-value ratio of hardware and deployment is raising the opportunity to deliver new services to large energy customers. 

By reaching behind the meter, utilities and energy services companies can offer a way to connect any customer asset that stores, generates, consumes or measures power.

Think of a large manufacturer wanting to take part in a utility demand response scheme in exchange for a preferential tariff - an Energy Network of Things platform is the enabler to make this happen.

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What's your plan to transition from 3G? 

MultiTech is here to help you make the move to LTE. 

MultiTech makes it easy to securely connect your devices in the Internet of Things to expand your business possibilities. Our extensive portfolio of wireless devices, modems and routers offer reliable, persistent connectivity for mission-critical applications and enhanced M2M functionality. Watch the video to learn more about how to transition to LTE and check out our transition program here.

MultiTech sponsors WoM2M (Women of M2M) awards banquet 

In addition to having three recipients on our team, MultiTech was proud to support women in technology by sponsoring the Women of M2M (WoM2M) banquet again this year. Better yet, our colleague Shawn Stavseth of Technovation[MN] (and Cargill) was among those honored at the May 17th banquet.

You can learn more about Shawn and Technovation[MN] here.

Speak. Exhibit. Advertise. It's all about events. 

Come see MultiTech face-to-face at one of these upcoming industry events. Let us scan your badge and we’ll make a donation in your name to Technovation[MN] .

LoRa Alliance™ Open House & Evening Reception
June 7 | Vancouver, Canada
The LoRa Alliance will be hosting an open house and evening reception in conjunction with their 10th annual all members meeting.  MultiTech is a founding and committed member of the LoRa Alliance.  We are a sponsor of the event. For a personal appointment with one of our representatives or a complimentary pass, contact us

LiveWorx 18 
June 17-20 | Boston
Join us at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for LiveWorx, the world’s most respected digital transformation conference for the enterprise. 

Enjoy four action-packed days of technical sessions, expert demos and networking, including MultiTech’s own Vice President of Software Engineering, Prasad Kandikonda, who will speak on the IoT M2M Council panel: Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers: How Will They Impact the IoT

New database architectures are the leading edge in IoT/M2M security and offer great promise for secure online transactions. It all started with Bitcoin but has much broader implications for IoT. Now there is a flurry of industry initiatives to apply blockchain and related distributed ledger architectures to IoT/M2M applications, including Openchain, Hyperledger, and Multichain, to name just a few. This session will discuss the concept of distributed ledgers, and how they can be used in IoT applications.
Wednesday, Jun 20th, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM, room 207.

14th Annual International Conference on Precision Agriculture
June 24-27 | Quebec, Canada
Precision Agriculture, sponsored by ISPAG – International Society of Precision (affiliate of Info AG) 

Michael Finegan, Director of IoT Business Development will speak on the many faces of LPWAN and it's relation to agriculture. With LPWA, many alternatives have emerged – some fall under the 3GPP standard and use licensed spectrum such as LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT, while other alternatives such as LoRaWANTM are based on non-3GPP standards and use unlicensed ISM spectrum. 

Sensors Expo & Conference
June 26-28 | San Jose
Join us in San Jose for the industry's largest event dedicated to sensors, connectivity, and systems. 

On June 27th from 10:00-10:30 am you can listen in while MultiTech CTO David Smith joins James Brehm of James Brehm & Associates and Carl Ford of Crossfire Media address the question: Where Moore's Law and Metcalf's Law Collided - A supernova of activity or a black hole?"

When you combine Moore's Faster and Cheaper with Greater and Exponential, you have a dramatic opportunity. Is IoT about to Explode the Market or implode the Internet? 

Then, at 12:15 pm, hear Michael Finegan answer the hot topic: Is cellular right for your application or should you LPWAN

Cellular connectivity is reliable, simple, and available virtually everywhere. With the advent of new services like Cat M1, it is more affordable than ever and has very modest power requirements making it ideal for many, but not all, IoT applications. Explore the criteria for determining whether cellular is your best choice. 

Finally, on June 28th at 10 a.m., hear from David Smith again, this time representing the LoRa Alliance as a LoRaWAN Ambassador, speaking on Leveraging LoRaWAN in your Industrial Application.

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Webinar: Choosing the Right LPWAN Solution for Your IoT Application
Thursday - June 7 | 11:00 am EST

Low-Power, Wide Area Networks (LP-WAN) come in a variety of flavors – making use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and with a variety of trade-offs in terms of bandwidth, latency, security, and more. While LP-WAN connectivity is generally more applicable to applications where lower cost can justify lower bandwidth than traditional cellular connections, just some of the current choices include NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, and Sigfox, each with its own characteristics. This session will examine those trade-offs in the context of actual use-cases that are being commercialized.

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